WhatsApp Notifications

Learn how Contacts can receive their notifications via WhatsApp!

With Expiration Reminder, you can now send reminders for expiring documents or items via WhatsApp, in addition to the existing SMS Mobile Reminders and Email Reminders. WhatsApp Logo Vector in Illustrator, SVG, JPG, EPS, PNG - Download |  Template.net
This quick guide will help you set up and troubleshoot WhatsApp reminders for your contacts.

Adding WhatsApp to a Contact

To enable WhatsApp reminders for a contact, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Contacts section of your account
    2. Select the contact you wish to add a WhatsApp number to
    3. Click on the "Edit Contact" button to access the contact's details
    4. Fill in the WhatsApp field for the Contact and click Save!


Country Codes

As with SMS Mobile Reminders, it’s essential to include the correct country code when adding a WhatsApp number for contacts outside of North America. This can help to ensure that reminders are sent successfully.

Troubleshooting Undelivered WhatsApp Reminders

If you find that WhatsApp reminders are not being sent to a contact, please review the following details provided by Twilio regarding controls enforced by Meta and not Expiration Reminder:

  • Recipient phone number is not a WhatsApp phone number
  • Recipient has not accepted WhatsApp's new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • Recipient is using an old, unsupported version of the WhatsApp client for their phone
  • Meta blocked the delivery of Authentication template messages to the recipient. Meta does not support the Authentication use case for WhatsApp users registered with India (+91) phone numbers.
  • Meta blocked the delivery of Marketing template messages to the recipient. Meta imposes an unspecified limit to how many marketing messages WhatsApp users registered with India (+91) phone numbers can receive at a given time. This limit is based on the number of marketing conversations opened with a user from any business, and is not related to the interactions between the user and your business.

Possible Solutions

  • Confirm with the recipient that they have accepted Meta's latest Terms of Service for WhatsApp. If they have not, then send them this link https://wa.me/tos/20210210 to accept the latest WhatsApp Terms of Service
  • Confirm with the recipient that they have an active WhatsApp phone number on the latest client version for their phone