Using the Media Library

Learn how to attach files and images to an E-mail Template using your Media Library

There will be situations when you'd like to send a file or image with all the notifications or reminders that go out for a Category.

An example of this could be a PDF of instructions on how to renew a document or a guide or perhaps a .JPG scan of a form that can be printed and filled out manually, maybe you'd just like a logo to appear along the bottom of your e-mail templates.

In Expiration Reminder, files and images aren't attached like regular e-mail attachments. Instead, a file is uploaded in your Account and a link is generated. This link is then included in the e-mail template so the user can click on it and download the file.

With this option, if at any time you need to update the file, just update it in the system and when the recipient clicks on the link, they'll receive the latest version of the file.

Adding to Your Media Library

To add the file to Expiration Reminder, click on Your Name on the top-right menu and then on Settings.

From the left menu, under the heading Templates - click on Media Library.

From the Medias list, to add a new media item click on the green "+Add New Media" button. From the new screen, enter the associated information which will help you know which file it is.

  • Name: the name of the File/Image.

  • File: upload the file for this File/Image from your device.

Then click Save and the media will be saved to your Media Library.

Inserting the File or Image to an E-mail Template

Go to the email template now where you'd like to insert the file by clicking on Your Account on the top menu and then on Settings.

Access your E-mail Templates menu on the left-hand side, under the "Templates" heading and click on the Template you'd like to add the file to.

In the bottom of the E-mail template edit screen you'll see a button called "Media Library" (this button will only show if you have items within your Media Library).

Click on "Media Library" and select the file you'd like to add.

Using the "Links" option for a link to download the File will show on the e-mail like below.

Using the "Images" option to add an image to view on your E-mail Templates will show on the e-mail like below.

Ensure you click Save to save the e-mail template additions. You may also test how it is viewed by your Contacts from the "Save & Send Test E-mail" button next to the "Save" button.

You can learn more about E-mail templates at the linked Help Article below: