Using Companies

Learn more details about "Companies", how to use them, and when to use them.

Companies is a section of your Expiration Reminder account which can be found under the "People" heading on your top-toolbar.

The 'Companies' module works as another way to add Contacts to your account to receive reminders and is typically used if you have a Contact which is a business, rather than an individual. Like Contacts, Companies can also be assigned expiration items.

Companies is NOT meant to be used as a way to organize your Contacts.

Assigning multiple Contacts to one company, will group all Contact's expirations by Company and all contacts will receive notifications about all company and contact expirations. In this sense, Companies may be used to send mass company-wide notifications and as earlier mentioned, is not meant as a means to organize your Contacts by Company.

If you are hoping to classify many contacts under one heading for organizational purposes, we would recommend using the “Locations” module for this purpose instead of the “Companies” module (which is located along the top as well) for this particular set-up.

Adding a Company

To add a Company, click on 'People' on the top menu and then click on the 'Companies' module.

From this screen, you may add a new company with the green "New Company" button.


From the new Company screen, enter the information you'd like available for the Company:

Then click Save to create the New Company.

Removing the Companies Module

If you find you do not use "Companies" you can hide it from view. This will prevent other team members from using it accidentally.

Only Admin Users of your account will have this capability.