Requesting Acknowledgements

Find out how you can receive acknowledgments and Contacts can update their own items via notifications

Acknowledgements allows requesting users receiving notifications to enter information regarding the expiration that generated the notification.

When acknowledgments are enabled, all notifications will include a link at the bottom that when clicked will pop up a form where the user can enter information like:

  • Answer a question with a yes or no

  • The new expiration date

  • View files in the expiration

  • Add new files for the expiration

This way the user can self serve and keep the information up to date. This form is mobile friendly and works on the majority of mobile phones.

Enabling Acknowledgements for Document Types

To enable acknowledgements at the Document Type level, edit the Document Type and on acknowledgement, enter the settings.

Go to the Document Type list by clicking on Your Name and then on Settings.

Then click on the Document Types on the left menu.

From the list of document types, click on the one which you'd like to update.

In the settings for the selected Document Type, click Yes on Enable Acknowledgements. In there the following settings are allowed:

  • Enter a question that can be answered with a yes or no

  • Allow the Contact to change the expiration date

  • Allow the Contact to view files in the expiration

  • Allow the Contact to add files

  • Require the Contact to upload a file - This will prevent the form from being submitted unless a new file is added.

  • Require login - This will require the person to login to Expiration Reminder. This can only be done if they are already a User of the account. Contacts of your account do not have login access to your account less added by you or your team.

Viewing an Acknowledgment as Recipient

Below is a screenshot of an example of how the Acknowledgment URL would appear on a notification for a Contact. The Contact can click the link to bring them to the page to edit/add their expiration details or files.

Below is a screenshot of what the Contact may view when clicking the Acknowledgment URL.