Merging Contacts

Learn more about merging duplicate contacts found in your account

There may come a time where you see you have a contact listed more than once on your database and their details and linked expirations may be the same or outdated in comparison.

Merging contacts will be useful to combine that information and cause less confusion in managing your contacts. Here is what to keep in mind when merging Contact A (your initial selection) with Contact B (second selection and final destination) - we have provided screenshots below as well to better illustrate this.

  • All contact details, expirations, uploaded files, notes, locations, and conversations will be added on to Contact B

  • If both contacts have the same field occupied in their contact details (e.g. contact name, email, mobile), the value for Contact B will be the final value after the merge

  • After the merge has been completed, Contact A will be archived

To merge contacts, go to the drop-down menu to the right of Contact A (your initial selection) and select ‘Merge’. Proceed to choose your Contact B in which your initial selection will merge into.