Importing Vehicles

This article will get you started importing Vehicle Items and their details with your spreadsheet.

Before we begin with importing Vehicles, if you are utilizing Workspaces, you must ensure you are in the corresponding workspace for your import to be successful.

Information will import to whichever workspace you are in upon starting the import.

To import a spreadsheet of Vehicle details into your account, you can begin with accessing the “Import Data” feature under Tools – and selecting a “Vehicle” import.

You will be prompted to choose Duplicate or Merge records.

Merging Records will Merge any Vehicles from your Import, to identical Vehicles which already reside in your account. If these are NEW Vehicles being imported to your account, Merge does not need to be selected.

The file we are using for instructional import today is as shown below. Included is basic Vehicle information (ie. Name, Assignee, VIN, License plate, etc)

Select your Header Row (for our spreadsheet, Row 1), and continue to the Mapping Screen to map your columns.

Be advised: the Expiration Reminder import feature will only be able to detect and read the first sheet of a spreadsheet. Any additional sheets will need to be created as a separate excel file.

On the Mapping Screen, you will map the Columns/Headers from your Spreadsheet, to the Vehicle fields in your account.

When mapping your fields, ensure that all required fields are mapped in their correct position before processing with the import. You are also not required to map all fields that are listed, if they are not relevant to your import.

The next page will allow you to make any final changes, as well as view any errors that Expiration Reminder has caught (if any).

The import sequence will take you through Processing Data (1/2) and Uploading Data (2/2) – this process will vary in time depending on the size of your spreadsheet. Once it is complete, you will be met with the screen below:

Always double-check your work after an import to ensure everything is input as intended. Happy Importing!