Exporting List Views

Find out how to export your expiration/contact item list view to an Excel spreadsheet or PDF

The Export feature allows you to export expiration items into an Excel sheet or PDF for your records.

This can be helpful if you have reached your Expiration Limit and would like to export your Archived Expirations for your files and save expirations, or if you need to generate a report for a specific Location or Document Type of the account.

To export an expiration list, click on Expirations (or Contacts) on the top menu and then do any filter search (or not, depending on the information you're exporting).

Then click on the "Export" icon on the right and select either Excel or PDF for your export format.

This is available for both Expiration List views as well as Contact List views.

To create extensive reports using this export function, you can create custom list views using the "Select Fields to Display" option to add more fields to your list view, and then exporting. We have more on Creating Custom List views here: