Creating Roadmaps

Find out what roadmaps is and how to track document paths for compliance

Roadmaps allows creating reports showing if a specific paths of compliance is met. For example:

  • For employees: to show if they comply with a training path or certification requirements.

  • For employees: to show who in the company who has skills for a specific position.

  • For locations: to show if locations comply with permits or certifications

  • For equipment/vehicles: to show if vehicles are in compliance.

Roadmap requirements or paths are defined using document types. So the document types must be configured first to be able to create the roadmaps.

To begin creating Roadmaps, you can click on Compliance from the top Toolbar. Then on 'Roadmaps' from the drop-down menu. You can create a new roadmap with the green "New Roadmap" button in the top-right corner.

View below an example of how Roadmaps can be used in your Expiration Reminder account.

Example: Roadmaps for Employees

Setting on a roadmap for a company position is as simple as creating the roadmap and just adding the document types for the specific position.

When creating a new roadmap, you'll enter your details on the screen below.

  • Name: the roadmap name for the training path.

  • Type: indicate what entity to use. In this case, Contact.

  • Include all records: indicate if you'd like to include all contacts.

  • Description: roadmap description.

In the setup a screen, add the different document types that the employee needs to have for the training path.

To run the roadmap, click on the View Roadmap button.

Searching/Filtering Roadmaps

You can do searches and filters in roadmaps to find records that have a specific percentage.

This is useful for example for find contacts that have completed a roadmap or training path.

For this, in the filters, set the Percentage to 100:

You can also do searches on the contact list that have a roadmap at 100%. For this, select Roadmap Complete on the filters and select the roadmap you're looking for: