Creating a Workspace

Find out how to separate data for your organization with Workspaces

Workspaces allows you to separate information within the same Expiration Reminder account. This can be useful when working with multiple departments.

For example, you can track expiration for employee certifications for the HR department, have NDA contract expiration dates for the legal department and software licenses for the IT department and have each of the three separate from each other.

To add a new Workspace, click on Your Name in the top-right corner and then on Settings in the drop-down menu.

From the left menu click on Workspaces, located under the "Manage" heading, and click the green "New Workspace" button.

From here, you will be prompted to name and set-up your new Workspace. Companies, Locations, Equipment and Vehicle modules can be added/removed to the Workspaces here.

This is helpful should you find some Workspaces do not have a use for all modules.

After clicking save, you'll now see a drop down list on the top-right menu that will allow you to switch between the Workspaces which you've created.

What data can be separated?

Data that can be separated includes:

  • Expiration Items

  • Contacts

  • Document Types*

  • Locations*

  • Equipment

  • Roadmaps

  • Compliance Rules

  • Designations

  • Policies

  • Email Templates

  • Escalation Rules

  • Tags*

*Shared Data

If you choose to, there is the option to share the below details among all of your workspaces for efficiency but it is not necessary.

  • Categories

  • Tags

  • Locations