Creating a New Contact

Learn more about creating new contacts or vendors for your account

Contacts are used in Expiration Reminder to manage the profile of an employee, contractor, a customer etc. An Expiration Reminder account may configure as many contacts as required. There’s no limit for Contacts on any plan.

Who can be a Contact?

Anyone! Whether it be employees, contractors, customer, vendors, clients or even suppliers, anyone you'd like to monitor in your Expiration Reminder account can be added.

If you would like to configure a Contact to receive reminders of Expirations, you just need to ensure they have a point of contact (e-mail or mobile number) to receive the notifications.

Contacts are used in Expiration Reminder to manage profiles or persons. They cannot login into your account (like Users) but they can receive emails and mobile text message reminders if you assign them to Expiration Items.

Adding a contact

To add a new Contact to your Expiration Reminder account, click on Contacts located under "People" in the top bar menu and then click on the green 'New Contact' button in the top-right corner.

On the new contact screen enter the name of the contact which the only required field.

The fields are:

  • Name: the Contact's name. This is a required field.

  • Email: the E-mail of the contact - this can be used to send reminders/notifications.

  • SMS Phone: the mobile phone number of the contact - - this can be used to send reminders/notifications.

  • Job Title: the Contact's Job Title/Status

  • ContactID: this can be a badge number, employee number, etc.

  • Time Zone: indicate in what time zone the contact is located. Reminders will be sent at the time according to this time zone.

  • Type: the Contact's type. By default can be an employee, customer, vendor or other. Learn how to create more types here.

  • Owner: the owner of the contact. This is a User of the account.

  • Locations: indicate to what location the Contact belongs to.

  • Supervisor: indicate who the supervisor of the contact is. This is another Contact.

  • Send Notifications: indicate whether the contact will receive notifications about Expiration Items or not.

  • Delivery Type: indicates how the contact will receive notifications: email, mobile text message, both or in a grouped email. Learn more about delivery type here.

Once the information for the Contact is completed, you can save the Contact's entry with the green "Save" button.