Contact Types

What are Contact Types and how they can be applied to your organizational structure

A contact type allows you to categorize your Contacts. By default, there are four types configured when you signed up: vendor, customer, employee and other.

You can add as many contact types as needed.

If required, Contact types also allows you to define custom fields specific to that Contact type. As an example, maybe a Vendor has a custom field that an Employee wouldn't have.

Adding a Contact Type

To add a Contact type, click on Your Name to access the drop-down menu then click on "Settings".

Then click on Contact Types from the left menu.

From the contact type list click on the green "Add a new contact type" button and on the new screen, you may enter the name of your new contact type and save.

Managing Contact Types

From the same page where you created a new Contact Type, you are also able to manage the type as well. You can edit the name, delete it, or alter the custom fields for the Contact type from this page.