Changing the Reminder Frequency

Find out how to change the reminder frequency for the e-mails sent for your Expiration Items

By default, Expiration Reminder will send automatic notifications 30 days before the expiration date, then 15 days, 5 days and day 1 day before the expiration date. A final notification is sent one day after the expiration date.

This frequency can be adjusted at the Document Type level and at the expiration level.

Changing the Reminder Frequency at the Document Type

Changing the reminder frequency at the category level will automatically update it in all expirations that have that Document Type. It will encompass all expirations within that Document Type.

To change the reminder frequency on a Document Type, go to the Document Type list by clicking on Your Name and then on Settings.

Then click on "Document Types" on the left menu under Manage.

From the list of Document Types, click on the Document Type you'd like to update.

From the edit Document Types screen, change the frequency as needed:

Then click Save to update the changes.

Changing the Reminder Frequency at the Expiration Item

To change the reminder frequency at the expiration level, click on the Reminders tab when creating or updating an expiration:

This change will only apply to the individual expiration item, not other expiration items.