Bulk Edit Menu

Find out how to edit entries from your List Views in bulk

Changing details in bulk can be done for Contacts, Expirations, Vehicles, Equipment etc. via the Bulk Edit panel. The Bulk Edit panel will appear once you begin making selections on your chosen list view (below, we are using Contact List view)

There is not an "Undo" button for Bulk Edit actions, in most cases, you may rectify changes by performing another bulk edit on the items. We always recommend double-checking your bulk panel selections before clicking "Update".

A few examples of things you can do with the Bulk Edit panel for Expirations are:

  • Change reminder frequency

  • Add/remove Contacts

  • Add/remove Locations

  • Change status

  • Change category

  • ...and more!

A few examples of things you can do with Bulk Edit panel for Contacts are:

  • Create expirations

  • Send notifications

  • Change type

  • Archive/unarchive

  • Change notification delivery type

  • ...and more!

To make your bulk edit changes easier, you can filter your Expirations or Contacts so that you can "Select All". We have provided an example below where we need to change the Delivery Type for Contacts from a certain location so we have filtered the Contacts by the location before doing the bulk edit.

After filtering by location, we can use the top box to "Select All". The Bulk Edit panel will show up on the right-hand side. In the panel, under Delivery Type, select Replace existing value with… and then enter the required delivery type.

After selecting the new settings click Update.

Bear in mind that there is not an "Undo" button for Bulk Edit actions but most times you will be able to perform another bulk edit to edit the items.

Deleting Items in Bulk

Deleting items in Bulk cannot be undone. Should you require items be recovered, please reach out to our Support team.

If you require deleting expirations in bulk, this may be done from the "Trash Can" icon of the bulk edit menu.

Exporting Files on Expirations in Bulk

Files added on expiration items and contacts can be exported into a ZIP file by using the bulk edit menu panel on your Expirations list view.
Select the expirations for which you'd like to export the files using the check boxes on the left, or if for all, selecting the top box will select all.


From the bulk edit tool that shows on the right, click on the 'Paperclip' icon at the bottom - shown below.
This will export all files of the selected Expirations into a ZIP file.