Best Practices for Email Delivery

Discover key strategies for ensuring your emails reach their intended recipients effectively.

When notifications get sent out, your contacts may not be aware of your use of Expiration Reminder and may become skeptical of the legitimacy of the notification they receive. The following are a few tips to assure your recipients in an efficient manner that emails sent from Expiration Reminder can be trusted:

  • Add a blurb to your email templates indicating you are using Expiration Reminder, for example:

    • “(Company Name) uses Expiration Reminder as a trusted software to keep track and to notify our contacts of important dates. Any concerns or questions about the company’s usage of Expiration Reminder, please contact (Company Contact Person + Details).”

  • Change the name of where the emails are coming from:

    • By default, emails are shown to be from Expiration Reminder. To change this, go to your Account Settings, and on the left side under Customize, select ‘Features’. The field ‘From Name’ is where you would make the name change.


  • Change where the notifications get sent from to be a different email address:

    • This option is only available for the Professional and Enterprise plans.

    • Keep in mind that by doing this, you will lose the Mailbox feature and any delivery issues will have to be brought to the attention of your IT department instead of Expiration Reminder.