Automatic and Recurring Renewals

Find out how to set an expiration in automatic renewal so it's renewed on its own

The auto renewals feature in Expiration Reminder allows expiration items to be automatically renewed when the expiration date arrives. This is useful for tracking items that are certain to be renewed and that usually expired on the same date every year, like monthly subscriptions or employee reviews.

Keep in mind that expirations that are set to auto renew won't show up in the dashboard as expired because the system will automatically renew it once the expiration date arrives.

If you need to follow up and make sure this was renewed, we recommend keeping this option OFF.

Configuring Automatic Renewals

To configure auto renewals, go to your Account Settings, then on the left-hand side under Manage, select ‘Document Types’

Choose the Document Type that you will want to turn on auto renew for.

Scroll down, until you see the option to auto renew:

Turning on the feature will prompt the ability to configure how much time will be in between renewals.

You can set auto-renewals to occur every certain number of days, of months, or of years. For example, if the current expiration date is 2022-03-29 and you set auto renew for one year, when the expiration date arrives, the item will be automatically renewed to 2023-03-29. Remember to save your changes.

If you’d like to wait for acknowledgement from the contact that the record involves before the automatic renewal kicks in, then tick on the 'Do not auto renew until an acknowledgement is received' check box (make sure Acknowledgements are enabled too). What this will do is send an email to the contacts and users involved in the expiration item's notification system, with the email containing a URL the user can click on to acknowledge the request.

For more information about Acknowledgements and how they are set up, follow the link here: Requesting acknowledgements | Expiration Reminder Help Center