Archiving a Contact

Find out how to disable or archive a contact

There will be situations where you'd like to archive a Contact instead of deleting the record. For example, the person records are needed for auditing purposes or because the person will come back in the future and you'll just need to re-enable the record.

Go to the contact you'd like to disable and click on the contact record. In there, click on Edit Contact.

From the contact edit screen, tick the Archived checkbox.

Then click Save.

Unarchiving a Contact

Any Contacts which you have Archived, can also be Unarchived. To access the Archived Contacts of your account, go to your Contact List View, and click the "Archived" heading along the top.

Find the Contact which you'd like to Unarchive in the "Archived" section, and click their Name to access their Contact Page. Click "Edit Contact".

Scroll all the way down and De-Select the "Archived" option before clicking "Save".

This Contact will now be un-archived and an active Contact for your Expiration Reminder account.