Adding Onboarding Templates

Learn more about onboarding new contacts to your account!

Expiration Reminder’s Onboarding Template feature is helpful in populating your Expiration Reminder account database with Expiration Items by reaching out to your Contacts to supply their expiration item details without the need of giving them User access. This will save you and your team time with your initial account entries or for onboarding new Contacts.

Users have access to your account. Contacts do not.

You can find Onboarding Templates located under “Manage” in your account settings.

First we recommend creating a new E-mail Template which will be assigned to your new Onboarding Template. You can view the example E-mail Template we created for our new Onboarding in the screenshot below. To learn how to create an E-mail Template, you can follow the link here: E-mail Templates | Expiration Reminder Help Center

You can note in the screenshot above that you will need to include the variable within the body of the custom email template for your Contacts to be able to start the onboarding process.

*Be advised, the step of creating a custom E-mail Template for Onboarding is not necessary but is recommended. For an example of the default template that appears without a custom e-mail template, you can view the screenshot below.

Create a New Onboarding Template

To create a new Onboarding Template, you can click the green "New Onboarding Template" in the top-right corner.

You will be prompted to fill out the form below, once you have entered your details, you can click "Save".

Name: The Name you'll use to differentiate this from your other onboarding templates.
Entity Type: Whether you are sending this to your Contacts or Companies.
Description: An optional description of what this Onboarding template may contain.
Email Template: If you've designed a custom e-mail template for your Onboarding template, you can assign here. Otherwise, you can leave it as Default.

Once saved, you will be taken to the Overview page. It is here, with the "Add Item" button, where you can include which Document Types you would like your Contacts to create their expirations for.

For our example, new employees are required to have the categories CPR training, First-Aid training, as well as a Criminal Background check.

Now that we have completed our Onboarding Template, we can send our template to the new Contact in our account.

Sending an Onboarding Template

To send an Onboarding Template, you must do so from the "Bulk Edit" menu of your Contact list. Once you begin selecting the Contacts you want to send your Onboarding, the Bulk Edit menu will appear along the right-hand side of your screen.

Clicking the green "Update" button after making your Onboarding selections will send out your Onboarding Template.

Let's now view below how our Onboarding Template was received by one of the Contact's we've sent it out to.

Additional Notes for Onboarding Templates

  • Once a contact has completed the template, if they try to click on the same link, it will state that the onboarding template has already been completed.

  • Expirations do not have to be already made for the contact to fill out the Onboarding Template as the feature will create them

  • Expirations that already exist under the Document Types involved in the Onboarding Template will be overwritten/replaced when the contact fills out the Onboarding Template with new details.

  • Creating a Custom E-mail template is not necessary when creating Onboarding Templates but is recommended.

  • Onboarding Templates will not send to Contacts which have "Digest - Grouped E-mail" selected as their Delivery Type for notifications.

Viewing as a Contact

Below is a screenshot of the screen a Contact will view when clicking the Onboarding link in the e-mail you have sent. They will be prompted to fill out the information regarding the categories you selected. Each time they hit "Save" they will be brought to the next item until they've entered details for each document.

Once they have completed their details for all associated Onboarding categories, they will be met with the screen below.